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Issue 18-07-2014

Featured Story

  • Thought for the Week: Defined by a negative?

    FREE 17 July 2014 | by Jill Wheatley
    May I un-burden myself? They would call me            non-theist                                            a-gnostic But it is not my fault Not a deliberate act of        dis-obedience                                            a-morality                                            in-transigence

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Top Stories

  • Quaker theology

    17 July 2014 | by Patricia Gosling

    '…I realised there were other people who had experienced that kind of illumination' | Photo: Susanne Nilsson / flickr CC.

    From time to time throughout history there arises the occasional remarkable human being who has the capacity to see the world as it actually is. I would include in this group all the founders of the great world religions: Moses, Gautama, Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad. Their experience seems to…

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  • Paths to sainthood

    17 July 2014 | by Simon Western

    The statue of saint Paul in saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City. | Photo: MAMJODH / flickr CC.

    The path to sainthood for John Paul II was the fastest in modern history, raising eyebrows among traditionalists for packing a painstaking process that can sometimes take centuries into nine incredibly short years. Whether John Paul II should or shouldn’t be a saint isn’t the issue I am addressing here.…

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  • Population matters and so…?

    17 July 2014 | by Gill Westcott

    Earth’s city lights at night. | Data courtesy Marc Imhoff of NASA GSFC and Christopher Elvidge of NOAA NGDC. Image by Craig Mayhew and Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC.

    When people bring up the population issue, I often feel uneasy. I have decided it is to do with ghosts. As often as not, it is not the tone that proponents in the debate actually have. It’s the tone people have had in the past, the one that doesn’t seem…

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  • Breakfast

    17 July 2014 | by Lee Taylor

    Students at Samathonga School, Hlekweni, queuing up for breakfast. | Photos courtesy of Lee Taylor.

    The early morning sun lit up the acacia scrub on the rocky track uphill from Hlekweni to Samathonga School. I was up early to see the newly instituted breakfast feeding scheme at the school. Long-tailed birds flitted between the low trees against the clear blue Zimbabwean autumn sky; I noticed…

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  • Celebrating and remembering

    17 July 2014 | by Barbara Windle
    This slim volume, mainly recording talks given one Sunday afternoon at Manchester Mount Street in 2013, splendidly encapsulates the progress of the subtitle’s fifty years of concern. The event’s concept was brilliant: very differently focused personal testimonies led into a succinct historical scrutiny. These three talks form the book’s core…

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All Articles

  • Quakers plead for root causes of crisis in Gaza to be addressed

    FREE 17 July 2014 | by Tara Craig
    Amid escalating violence in Gaza, Quakers in Britain have written this ‘open letter’ to William Hague, the foreign secretary. ‘Quakers in Britain are deeply concerned by the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine, particularly Gaza. We know that you share our concerns for the region.

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  • Tunbridge Wells Friends help young homeless

    17 July 2014 | by Tara Craig
    West Kent Quakers are converting their Tunbridge Wells Meeting House to include ten single-occupancy flats for homeless young people. The young people will spend time in a more closely supported environment first, with the new flats seen as a half-way house. West Kent YMCA will provide support staff for the…

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  • Philadelphia Quakers move towards disinvestment

    17 July 2014 | by Tara Craig
    The Eco-Justice Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has announced that more than $2 million of the group’s assets have been disinvested from fossil fuels. The group has moved its assets to a new Quaker Green Fund offered by Friends Fiduciary Corporation. The green fund focuses on sustainable agriculture, renewable…

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  • Bath legacy from Quaker Gardens Project

    17 July 2014 | by Tara Craig
    The Quaker Gardens Project is to build a legacy garden at Bath University, to commemorate this year’s Yearly Meeting Gathering. The garden is to be a lasting gift from the Friends of the South West to the university, its staff and students. It will be developed on campus, next to…

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  • Bolivian Friend visits Northern Ireland prisons

    17 July 2014 | by Tara Craig
    Whilst attending the recent Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) International Gathering in Maynooth, County Kildare, Bolivian Friend Magaly Quispe Yujra visited Friends in Northern Ireland. She was hosted by South Belfast and Frederick Street Meetings, as part of Lisburn Monthly Meeting. Magaly visited two Quaker Service projects in Northern Ireland…

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  • Eye - 18 July 2014

    17 July 2014 | by Eye
    Steps towards peace Friends stepped out with members of other faiths in Hounslow in June. Bessie White, clerk of Brentford and Isleworth Meeting, explained: ‘The local interfaith group, Hounslow Friends of Faith, organise the Walk of Peace and Friendship each year, choosing a different area.’ This year Corinna Smart, mayor…

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  • Letters - 18 July 2014

    17 July 2014 | by The Friend
    Assisted suicide These two Friends say ‘Yes’ to assisted suicide as proposed in the Bill to be discussed in the House of Lords on Friday. On the following day, Quakers in Yorkshire will be discussing the report produced by Friends from the Leeds area on ‘End of Life Issues’. About…

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